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Red Bottom Shoes.Launching in Hong Kong this week, Christian Louboutin’s ultra-limited new shoe collection might use original fabrics from Indian designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s archives, but it still has all his signatures – including the spikes.Christian Louboutin is getting an Indian formal outfit tailored at his Paris flat near the Place Vendome when I walk in for our interview.Red Bottom Shoes For Women. It is a fitting setting, given we are going to talk about his trip to Hong Kong this week to launch a colourful collaboration with Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee and his label Sabyasachi.


The key to the collection is having lavish, colourful shoes that avoid just looking “ethnic”, he adds. Christian Louboutin Shoes.“I like that while some pieces from the archives are from 20 years ago and some are from last year, they both look quite contemporary.”Louboutin Shoes Sale.Few in the West might recognise the Sabyasachi brand but in India, Mukherjee is highly respected and extremely popular with the Bollywood set. For Louboutin, the appeal of Mukherjee lay in interesting contrasts: “He can go bright in pink, rose or chartreuse but also earthy or neutral tones. He has a very subtle way with colours.”


If you’ve ever had the opportunity to observe J. Lo, J. Law, Princess Caroline of Monaco or Ryan Gosling from ground level—either in person or in the pages of a tabloid—you probably know that any shoe with a scarlet lacquered sole is the handiwork of Christian Louboutin.Cheap Christian Louboutin. Beyond this trademark, his exuberant designs often reveal multicultural influences, which isn’t surprising given the global wanderings of their maker.Christian Louboutin Wallet. With a château in the French Vendée, apartments in Paris and Lisbon, a sun-washed compound near the Portuguese town of Melides, a houseboat on the Nile, and houses in Los Angeles, Luxor, and, as far as he knows, Aleppo (“I haven’t been in a while…”), Mr. Louboutin travels the world merely by going home.